"...Laura Bohn, a singer who effortlessly moves between classical, jazz and musical...The vocals of Bohn are heart-conquering and with her flexible and clear voice she handles the repertoire effortlessly. She is a born actress whose interpretations are full of expression and the perfect choreography." - Jazzenzo.nl, 2018  (Bernstein Celebration Tour)

The Duchess of Argyll




The Governess

“On opening night, soprano Laura Bohn  gave a thrilling performance as the Governess.

Vocally resplendent and dramatically acute, she sang with fresh tone in her early scenes, gradually shading the voice with a darker, edgier sound as the extent of her predicament came to light.”                                                   - Oakland Tribune/San Jose Mercury News, 2013 (The Turn of the Screw) 

“Soprano Laura Bohn gave a superb performance as the Governess,  probing deeply into the role's layers of heroism and unease while retaining a bright musical surface to everything she sang.”

-San Francisco Chronicle, 2013 (The Turn of the Screw)

"Laura Bohn was especially evocative. . . Delivered the goods with a strong feeling of mood for the piece"

- Musical America, 2006 (Lord Byron's Love Letter)